Sometimes we have to stop and reevaluate the direction we’re going in

One of the things I’ve shied away from since beginning my new life as a single Dad, is the brutal honesty that once filled the words on these pages.  When I made the change to The Autism Dad from Lost and Tired, my goal was to tell a new story about our new lives.

Somehow along the way, I got into a rut and just haven’t found the words to dig myself out. 

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Going forward, I plan on returning to the sometimes uncomfortable truth about my life raising 3 boys with Autism. 

That’s not to say I haven’t been honest until now because I have.  It’s just that I shied away from the some of the things I should have been sharing because my confidence had recently been shaken and I just wasn’t in a place to write that way..

One of the reasons so many people followed me was because of that honesty and transparency.  It helped them to realize that they weren’t alone in their struggles and that someone out there understands.

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Writing the two pieces on Autism Awareness month felt so good and that helped me to realize where some of my stumbling blocks were. 

Going forward, if reading about the very real struggles of an Autism family makes you uncomfortable, simply don’t read it…. ☺