Today was a very challenging day for a number of reasons but there was also a victory -

Today was a very challenging day for a number of reasons but there was also a victory

It was a really trying day.  Emmett was in a horrible mood for a large part of the day.  He would do well for a little while and then just fall apart.  As hard as it was to work with him today, it was equally, if not more difficult, to see him in this constant state of distress. 😔

Thankfully, he feel asleep before 10pm and is currently getting some desperately needed rest.  I just checked on him and he looks like a little sleeping angel… 💙

Gavin was largely absent today.  He hung out in him room watching shows on his tablet. 

When he wasn’t doing that, he was offering to help around the house.  God love him because he’s such a big help. 

Elliott had his ups and downs today as well.  He was riding the emotional roller-coaster all day long.  I’m not sure if it’s the puberty or what but my God is it draining…


To make things ever more challenging, my body has decided that it’s going to be sick. Emmett decided I didn’t look too well before he went to bed tonight.  He went to get the thermometer and took my temperature..  I was 102°F and that probably explains why I’ve felt like crap today. I assumed I was just tired and stressed out but apparently, I’m fighting something off.

Emmett was so cute though..  He talked me through taking my temperature and we have the one you just point at a certain spot on the forehead, push a button and Grabs your temp without making contact…

On the only positive note from today I can remember, I will claim a small victory. 

In an effort to get the boys reading more, I signed up for Texture.  It’s like $15/month but it provides digital access to just about any magazine you can think of.  Okay… Not those kinds of magazines…  Get your mind out of the gutter…. 😜

Seriously though, this is a great investment because the boys get mags like Boys Life and NagGeo Kid’s delivered right to their tablets.  That $15 gives you access to at least 100 different magazines or more. 

The boys get to use their tablets to read but they’re reading….

Gavin loves this cause he’s always reading these magazines at Dr. Pattie’s office and now he gets every new release and the back catalog as well. 

That’s my creative parenting victory for today.  I found a way to make their love of tablets a bit more brain friendly.  More exercise for their brains and a bit less for their thumbs.. ☺

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