Here’s a teaser of my big announcement that should be coming in the next couple of days

Gavin and I are working on getting the house caught up and ready for some upgrades to our home that will be installed tomorrow. 

The biggest challenge is the kitchen, which we’ve made serious progress on. 

Okay, so one of the announcements that I’ve been holding off on sharing is that I’m partnered with a very well known and respected home security company.  They’ve taken a very unique step towards helping the special needs community by building a smart home security system and while it will keep intruders out, it’s designed to keep people in. 

If you’re an Autism parent to a child with Autism who wanders, you are exactly the kind of family this was built for. 

They will be installing everything the have into my home and I will be reviewing it.  Based on what I already know and this company’s stellar reputation, I’m really excited to become what is essentially a brand ambassador. 

Not only is this designed for special needs families to utilize but because they have partnered with some really big players in the special needs community, this is something that is going to actually be affordable to special needs families. 

I’ll explain more later but I’m really excited to be doing this and for the record, the service is so affordable that I only agreed to be a part of this if I was able to actually pay for and afford the monthly service.  So I’ve chosen to actually pay for the service itself because I will not endorse something that I’m unwilling to pay for myself…

Anyway, that’s why Gavin and I are so focused on the house this week. 


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I hope you get some income from advertising for them!


I hope you get some income from advertising for them!

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