Nights like last night make Autism Parenting so much more difficult

I wish I could tell you I slept well last night but that wouldn’t really be true at all.  I was really stressed out last night and was finally able to relax enough to try and fall asleep around 2am.

Shortly after I closed my eyes, I heard Emmett’s TV and realized that the only reason I would be hearing that is if Emmett were awake. 

I went over to check on him and he was just sitting in bed, watching TV and playing his Minecraft.  He didn’t know why he was awake and was a bit disoriented because he was so tired.  I had him climb into bed with me, so I could ensure he went back to bed as quickly as possible. 

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He was back asleep by 2:30 or 3:00 am but was having a hard time falling asleep because he had a bad dream again. 

When the alarm went off this morning, he did not want to wake up and neither did I. He was fever free and needed to go to school.  It took every last ounce of energy I had to redirect him and keep him distracted enough that he was willing to go to school. 

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I called the school to give them a heads up and have them keep an eye on him today. 

Now Gavin and I are off at great his bloodwork done, get drinking water and head home to get the house ready for new security install scheduled for a tomorrow afternoon….

There’s no chance of a nap today unless I get all this stuff done.