Nights like last night make Autism Parenting so much more difficult

I wish I could tell you I slept well last night but that wouldn’t really be true at all.  I was really stressed out last night and was finally able to relax enough to try and fall asleep around 2am.

Shortly after I closed my eyes, I heard Emmett’s TV and realized that the only reason I would be hearing that is if Emmett were awake. 

I went over to check on him and he was just sitting in bed, watching TV and playing his Minecraft.  He didn’t know why he was awake and was a bit disoriented because he was so tired.  I had him climb into bed with me, so I could ensure he went back to bed as quickly as possible. 

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He was back asleep by 2:30 or 3:00 am but was having a hard time falling asleep because he had a bad dream again. 

When the alarm went off this morning, he did not want to wake up and neither did I. He was fever free and needed to go to school.  It took every last ounce of energy I had to redirect him and keep him distracted enough that he was willing to go to school. 

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I called the school to give them a heads up and have them keep an eye on him today. 

Now Gavin and I are off at great his bloodwork done, get drinking water and head home to get the house ready for new security install scheduled for a tomorrow afternoon….

There’s no chance of a nap today unless I get all this stuff done. 



  1. Kim Gebhardt

    Are you still working out with your Bowflex and walking the track when the weather is nice? I find that a healthy diet and regular exercise are the best things for me when I feel like I’m just not sleeping well. Also, limiting screen time for an hour or so before bed is supposed to be helpful. I realize that your overall stress level is playing a part in your sleeplessness, but exercise has always helped me with that part of it too.

  2. a sharp

    Why not share your outbursts of emotional cruelty towards Lizze with everyone? Don’t think that was difficult for her? Take responsibility for your abusive and manipulative nature.

    1. Darcy Dallin

      Oh my ‘a sharp’, the only reason I laughed at this is because of how stupid it made you sound.
      This particular post was about lack of sleep, not outburts.
      But it seems you must be one of Lizze’s friends. So IF Rob had an emotional outburst, you don’t think he is entitled to one? Are you sayin it was difficult for Lizze to handle? She caused a majority of the problems, shouldn’t she “man up” and take the “abuse”? Lizze has had her own many emotional outbursts. She doesn’t have to own up to her own abusive & manipulative behavior?
      If Rob did share his outbursts on a blog with everyone than everyone that follows would be rather supportive of Rob. It was Lizze that left (whether it was due to emotional abuse or many other things). So Rob has to apologize but not Lizze?
      You’re barking up the wrong tree & Rob isn’t going to take the bait & will just give you an “emotional outburst” & tell you to “F off & have a nice day”.

      1. Gonzo

        Says Rob that she caused most of it. His denial of playing any part in the divorces lends credit to someone saying he did do wrong. No divorce is 100% one persons fault.

    2. Kim Gebhardt

      I have no knowledge of outbursts of emotional cruelty from Rob towards Lizze, but don’t you think her emotional cruelty towards her own children far outweighs anything that Rob may have said to her? She put her children to bed and then walked out the door. THAT IS NOT OKAY. And if Rob is so awful, why did she leave the boys with him?

      Rob and Lizze are adults and can make their own decisions, but those boys were treated as an afterthought in Lizze’s plan for her future. What she did was indecent and disrespectful and she should be ashamed of herself for handling it like she did.

  3. Okay. Before this gets anymore out of hand and off topic, I’m going to say what I need to say and out of respect for my kids, who could someday read this, as well as respect for their Mother, I’m shutting this down.

    After reading the comment in question, I had a very emotional and honest conversation with my wife. I don’t care what some random Internet troll thinks but I do care what the Mother of my children does. In the 15 years that we were together, there was never an ounce of abuse in either direction. We both stand by that. Her wanting out of the marriage had nothing to do with anything even remotely like that.

    It may sound as though I’ve dodged questions or not been honest about everything but that’s only because I’ve not been willing to share what broke my heart the most and that’s how I discovered that she wanted out. I do that out of respect for my kids and yes, it makes it a bit harder to put things in context but frankly, I’m more concerned about my kids than what anyone online thinks.

    She has serious emotional and physical health issues that limit her abilities to parent the kids. Does it limit her love for the kids? Not at all. She lives in constant, pain and battles daily migraines. These are the things I know for sure because I’ve lived it first hand. I don’t agree with or support any of her decisions but the decisions are hers to make and honestly, it’s proven to be best for the boys and myself. If you need proof of that, just look at Gavin.

    I wish things were different but speaking about what myself and the boys have experienced and are experiencing as a result of her choosing a different life, isn’t bad mouthing anyone.

    My situation is a bit different and there was nothing to indicate that anything was wrong until it happened.

    Unfortunately, as with many divorces, people have taken sides. The only victims here are the kids. Lizze isn’t a victim and neither am I. She’s happy and I’m heartbroken but that’s what happens when one person is no longer happy in a marriage.

    Aside from how it happened, there really isn’t any blame to go around.

    What happened to the kids isn’t fair and frankly at its most basic level, it was selfish of her to leave and turn everyone’s life upside down. She was right when she told me that we would all be better off. I didn’t believe her and I wish things were different but she was right. It took a long time realize that and it will still take a lot of time for the boys and I to heal but we are better off..

    I appreciate everyone sticking up for me but whether or not you agree with her life choices, the boys will read this someday…… Please don’t bad mouth their Mother. Regardless of whether or not you or I agree with her decisions, she’s still the Mother of my kids and it hurts me to read things like that.

    I know everyone was responding to a sharp and I appreciate the zeal in which you responded but I don’t believe she has anything to do with this person’s comments..

    I’m shutting this down but leaving the mean spirited, trollish comment here because I’m trying to set an example for how to deal with divorce, and this comment is a great example of what shouldn’t happen..

    For the record, I’m not perfect and have never claimed to be. It’s not that I’m not accepting any responsibility, it’s that I still don’t truly understand what happened. That’s part of why it’s so hard to move on. I think it was more about the situation as a whole and that’s something I couldn’t control. Knowing would make healing so much easier….

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