This #Autism Dad needed to take a big step back yesterday

I’ve been incognito, pretty much since Friday night.  There’s been so much going on for me on a personal level and I just needed to step away for a spell. 

People worry when I don’t write but I’m doing okay. The boys sorta let me nap today and while there was bickering between the E’s, not a drop of blood was shed. There’s actually never really been bloodshed but it sounded more impressive to say it like that.  😁

All joking aside, the boys did pretty well today. 


Gavin spent most of the day in his room because I guess he was just in the mood to hangout in his room today.  Still, he was a big help around the house today and too a lesser extent, so were the boys.  😉

We have absolutely nothing on the agenda for Sunday and I’m looking forward to a really quiet day because I have so much writing to catch up on, some of which I can’t wait to share. 

I also wanted to say that I appreciate the messages, emails, comments and general positivity, you’ve been sending my way.  It really does help and I truly appreciate, it and you.

We all have our rough patches and I’ve found myself neck deep in one right now but I’m not a quiter. I don’t know how just yet but I will pull myself and the boys into a better place.  Until then, please feel free to continue sending your positive energy, comments and witty banter my way.  It does help and I truly am grateful. 

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