I think I’m finally regaining control and we just might end the day on a positive note

I seem to have gotten everything under control at the house.  Well…..mostly under control. Everyone has eaten something and are feeling okay.  Elliott only had 1/2 of a peanut butter sandwich and doesn’t want anything else.

Emmett is wanting to shovel food into his mouth but only things we either don’t have or are way to heavy for him right now. He’s settled on dry cereal for now and we’ll go from there.

Gavin’s got his IVIG infusion going and is still feeling okay.

I think I’m probably going to collapse after the boys go to bed. All the trash is out for trash day and no clothes really need to be washed.

Tomorrow will be a better day and a day in which we all are feeling better.  For now I’m just grateful to have made it this far, as well as for the the people who helped us along the way. ☺


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