The boys came home early from visiting their Mom

The boys came home early from visiting their Mom

I was so tired from this past week that I slept until about 3pm on Saturday.  I only woke up then because the boys Mother called.  As soon as I answered the phone, I was smacked into alertness by the sound of Gavin sobbing.. 

Apparently they were playing on the playground and Gavin slipped and cracked his shin on the steps of the slide or something. 

He was carrying on pretty good and I couldn’t understand a word he was saying but basically he just wouldn’t settle down and wanted to come home.  They had tried everything to comfort him but he was just in a place where he needed to come home. 

Of course I was happy to welcome my kids home, I just wish it was under better circumstances, although Gavin was perfectly fine, he just has a bruised shin.

Gavin’s a tough nut to crack sometimes because while I know that his shin hurt, his reaction seemed just a little bit extreme.

Anyway, he settled down and just chilled out in his room for a little while, watching shows on his tablet.  After that, he was fine the rest of the day. 

Outside of that, the boys all seemed to have had a great visit.  I guess Emmett was up until 3 am at his Mom’s but he didn’t have any trouble sleeping when he came home.  Normally, he doesn’t sleep when he comes home, so this is a bit interesting.

I’m happy the boys are home and I’m grateful they had a positive visit with their Mom and grandparents…  ☺ 💙


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