I need to find funding to do a special project for my kids

There’s one thing I’ve been needing to do forever but just haven’t had the money to do and that’s replace the fence in our yard, with a 6 foot tall, privacy fence. 

We live in a neighborhood where the boys can’t really play outside.

People have thrown trash, as well as judgment and harsh words toward us while we were outside, minding our own business. 

I feel like, if I could better secure the yard, I could allow the boys to play out in the yard, without anyone even knowing that they’re out there. 

It would also help to keep my little Emmett, who’s impulsivity lever is constantly growing, better contained in the yard. 

Once upon a time, I almost had this project funded but the local DD board we were working with lost a large chunk of their budget and it fell through. 

It would be absolutely amazing to be able to spend time outside and not worry as much about what the boys might be exposed to. 

A Dad can dream…… ☺️


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