Sometimes I think I’m raising lemmings

OMG….  The boys (Elliott and Emmett) were in full on mode this morning.  I swear to God it was like trying to herd lemmings…

No matter what I did to try and keep them focused on getting ready for , they were hell bent on veering off course. 

It was simply extreme impulsivity.

Emmett would follow and Elliott would follow Emmett but neither were following directions. 

This morning was a total train wreck. I’m already exhausted (not that it takes much) from constantly repeating myself and trying to keep the train on the tracks. 

While it was a pain in the ass kinda start to the day, at least the boys were in a good mood the whole time. 

Any day that everyone willing my goes to school and leaves the car with a smile on their face, is a good day in my book.


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