Sometimes I think I’m raising lemmings

OMG….  The boys (Elliott and Emmett) were in full on ADHD mode this morning.  I swear to God it was like trying to herd lemmings…

No matter what I did to try and keep them focused on getting ready for school, they were hell bent on veering off course. 

It was simply extreme impulsivity.

Emmett would follow Elliott and Elliott would follow Emmett but neither were following directions. 

This morning was a total train wreck. I’m already exhausted (not that it takes much) from constantly repeating myself and trying to keep the train on the tracks. 

While it was a pain in the ass kinda start to the day, at least the boys were in a good mood the whole time. 

Any day that everyone willing my goes to school and leaves the car with a smile on their face, is a good day in my book.


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