We doing pretty okay this morning 

The boys are both going to school this morning. Elliott is doing a great job of getting ready and cooperating. Emmett is struggling a bit this morning. It would be fair to say he’s moody and is sort of all over the place. 

After taking the boys to school, I’ll be taking Lizze to her therapy appointment. 

I’m really tired but I’m hoping to push through everything today and avoid taking a nap. I’ve got a lot I need to catch up on and sleeping with definitely interfere. 

Hopefully your morning is going well… ☺ 

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  1. Facebook Profile photo bwiren

    Okay is actually good. Any day I’m okay with my fibromyalgia is a decent day. Plus having my HFA son working steadily is a blessing. He’s smart enough to be a scientist, but has yet to be able to tolerate consistent studying and classes. So at least he can enjoy his knowledge even if he never finishes college.

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