Op-Ed: When a 10 year old with #Autism is arrested for assault 

If you haven’t already heard about this story, you can read in on CNN by clicking here

After reading the article about John Haygood, a 10 year old little boy with Autism, being arrested for assaulting his teacher, I was at a loss for words. As a father of three boys with Autism, my gut reaction is one of anger. 

Based on the article, it seems that John had been experiencing behavioral problems of varying degrees, not all that uncommon for kids on the Autism Spectrum. 

The incident that apparently sparked this entire situation took place last October. 
John was being disruptive in class, throwing paper balls at classmates, and was asked to go to time out. He refused and it appears the teacher went to physically move him and that’s when he lashed out. The teacher was left with marks and scratches, according to the article. There’s also reports of John threatening to kill the teacher as well. 

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That teacher later pressed charges against John and that’s the crux of where we are. I encourage you to read the article on CNN and or view the actual police reports by clicking here and downloading the pdf… On the CNN page, there’s video of the arrest, taken by his mother and pictures showing his arms being handcuffed behind his back. 

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