Sometimes it’s hard to keep moving forward

Sometimes it’s really hard to find the strength to pick up and continue moving forward. There are days when the idea of continuing to keep moving ahead, is so completely overwhelming. 

Poor Emmett has now gone almost two days without being able to tolerate a shirt. This is a newer thing for us, because we’re used to the big issue being shoes, socks, and pants. Shirts have never really been a significant issues in regards to school. 

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Unfortunately, the last two days have presented us with an obstacle that we were unable to overcome. 

Missing school is not something we take lightly, but neither are Emmett’s Autism related struggles. We have to balance compassion and societal demands. 

We all know that kids have a long sorted history of wanting to get out of going to school. In Emmett’s case however, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. He desperately wants to be there, and sometimes he can work through these sensory obstacles, but other times he can’t. 

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Today was a really fun day at school. Emmett looks forward to these days all month long and was so excited to get up this morning. I think he had planned in being able to better tolerate his clothes, but he quickly learned that wasn’t the case. 

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  1. Jimmy Rock

    Sorry that he’s experiencing this. I’m sure you must get at least a little exasperated when people give you all sorts of suggestions which demonstrate that they have no comprehension of what’s going on, are painfully obvious that of course you already tried them, or are somehow insulting because they minimize the situation. I’m going to forge ahead anyway 🙂

    You talk a lot about all the efforts you make with him to work through it together. How much time to you give him to work though it himself, alone, outside of your presence? You’ve mentioned that he feels like he’s disappointing you. Perhaps some time outside of your presence would reduce some of the pressure that he’s already putting on himself. Any thought given to putting 10 shirts out in his room, and just encouraging him to give it a try when he’s ready (and suggesting that he do some calming exercises – breathing, reading quietly, wrapping himself in a blanket, whatever – by himself- before trying a shirt). Or simply suggesting to him to give it a shot by himself without you or your wife there?

    Sorry if that’s a suggestion that falls into one of the categories mentioned above, but Iike I said, it seems so much of what you describe about your efforts involve you constantly working with him. I’m not saying it’s the answer to the problem (obviously no quick fixes here) but perhaps some individual time to work though it could at least reduce the pressure on him, allow him to take ownership of the issue, and try to get through it on his own terms.

    Good luck – I do have some understanding of how difficult this is.

    1. Those are all good suggestions. We try things like that, some are the exact same and others are sorta modified. The problem is that he’s very easily overwhelmed and laying out a bunch of shirts would be counterproductive.

      As always, I do appreciate your support, understanding and willingness to share ideas… ☺

  2. Mindfulmon

    I think it becomes a catch 22…poor guy. The more he tries the more energy he uses and then the symptoms are harder to manage causing more stress. I think sometimes as a parent you just have to say OK we are done for now we can try later. Sorry…it is hard to see your child struggle.

  3. reBECCA

    I wish I had a suggestion for you, but it sounds honestly like a bad case of a kid having nerve pain and sensitivity, actually. Has the doctor checked levels of things like magnesium, calcium, B12 and B6, folic acid? Deficiencies in these areas can contribute to nervous system dysfunction, also zinc or copper being too high or too low (according to our Neuro)- my spectrum kid had low copper. You might want to try putting him on one of those special multivitamins for those on the spectrum- they will have good doses of the B vitamins in methylated forms, which makes it easier for his body to use. Most folks of the spectrum have genetic mutations like MTHFR and often COMT- it affects how the body can break down and utilize B vitamins like folic acid and b12. My ASD kid has both of these. tests for MTHFR can be run like regular bloodwork. We found COMT through 23 and me. Our Neurologist has recommended an ASD formulated multi vitamin for my kid on the spectrum and my other child with PANDAS. Kirkman Labs has some good ones, also Neurobiologix has some too.
    One thing I do with my younger one especially is give him an Epsom salts bath during really rough days. Very calming to the nervous system and body.

  4. Facebook Profile photo bwiren

    Can you turn a shirt inside out and see how it feels? Now, maybe this is stupid but if it’s the seams they wouldn’t bother him if they were on the outside. Maybe he would get picked on at school. But I’ve accidentally put on shirts inside out and no one noticed!

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