It’s been almost 12 hours and still no progress

It’s currently pushing 5:30 PM, and Emmett still won’t tolerate a shirt. We’ve tried a few times throughout the day, but haven’t made any progress. I’m thinking it’s best not to push him at this point because we want him to be able to wear one tomorrow morning. 

I spoke with the principal this afternoon, as a result of him reading a comment from the previous post. The comment stated the Emmett missed 42 days of school, and did so in a way that made it seem like the person commenting was a staff member at the school. 

I told him that I wasn’t upset, if indeed it was a staff member, but I was curious if the number was right or not. He was really upset because it seems like one of his staff had left the comment. This prompted him to make a general announcement, reminding the staff about the seriousness of hippy laws. It turned out not to be a staff member and he was relieved to know that. 

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He did say that Emmett’s not missed nearly that many days because if he had, truancy would currently be a problem. 

He didn’t have the exact number in him but I can get that later. By my count, we’re somewhere in the mid to high twenties. That’s certainly not good, but that also includes excused absences as well. That’s simply the total days missed. 

I honestly don’t keep track because I don’t want that to influence how we handle Emmett during a fever cycle or on the days like today, when he can’t handle being in his own skin. 

Anyway, I’m going to try and keep things as low key tonight as possible and do whatever I can to ensure he gets a good night’s sleep. 

I want him to have a fighting chance at making it to school in the morning. 

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