Whatever happens we’ll tackle it together

We had a rather long weekend, and I’m unsure of how Monday is going to start out. Lizze has had a really rough few days, and I tried to let her sleep as much as I could. I ended up falling asleep on the couch this afternoon because I was so exhausted from the past few days. 

Emmett has been struggling, but able to wear a shirt all day on Saturday. Unfortunately, Sunday was not very kind to him and neither were his clothes. 

He spent the first half of the day without any, but did eventually get dressed towards the end of the day. He’s not been eating well and I’m concerned that we might be looking at back to back fever cycles. It’s rare, but it’s happened a few times over the years. 

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Emmett’s not running a fever person, but his temp is 99.5°F, and the school considers that a fever. Kids are immediately sent home if they hit 99.5°F… Emmett’s been sitting at this temp since Friday. 

Does this mean anything? 

I haven’t the foggiest idea. 

Towards the end of the day, he began complaining of a tummy ache and barely touched his dinner. Then we had a decent sized meltdown over trying to figure out what he would eat in his school lunch this week. 

I ended up at the grocery store picking of a bunch of items that I know Emmett has eaten in the past. 

Maybe he’ll find something in the newly stocked kitchen that he’ll take in his lunch. This was a huge stressor for him tonight, and while he did fall asleep to Lizze reading him The Three Musketeers, I’ve no idea how the morning will go. 

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Thankfully, Lizze will be home today because she has a doctor’s appointment, and whatever transpires before school, we’ll tackle it together.