I always feel the need to add this little disclaimer, when saying I need a break from my kids. Lizze and I both love them completely, but they’re absolutely exhausting, and we need a break. 

Lizze doesn’t have class today and that meant she was here to help get the boys off to school. 

I’m glad she’s getting the help she needs, but at the same time, it creates so much more work for me. As it is, I’m already burnt out and in need of a break. Adding more to my plate makes everything more difficult.! 

Anyway, it’s awesome to have her home today.

Class takes so much out of her, and when she gets home she crashes. I feel like I haven’t seen her in awhile, and that sucks. I’m hoping we can get out this weekend for even a little bit, and just spend some time together. 

For right now, I’m just grateful to have her home, and able to help out. We leave for the promotion soon and it’s going to be awesome. ☺ 

2 thoughts on “We need some time away from the kids 

  1. Is there any way to get someone to babysit? I’m not plugged into special services but it would seem that have another person come in, even just once a week, would help you all with burnout.

    1. The only people that have ever really watched the boys is our parents. You can’t just find a sitter who’s qualified to take this on. There’s respite but that comes with a whole list of concerns and things to worry about.

      We did get a nice break this past weekend though and for that, we are grateful….. ☺

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