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Shit….. School’s out for the summer and I’m sorta panicking 

In light of the reality I’m living in, what we might do walk one lap around the track. The boys can Pokémon hunt, while getting some exercise every morning. 

Should this not work out, I’ll stage a little reunion of sorts with our sorta working treadmill. 

When we were planning out the summer originally, we hadn’t planned on Lizze needing to be back in DBT again. It’s great that she’s recognized the need for help and is willing to get the help she needs. DBT classes are a form of intensive outpatient therapy, and not even close to being easy. I completely support her in this slight detour on our journey together. It just changes some of the things we wanted to do because we have to work around her class schedules. 

One of the things I want desperately to do is get our yard under control. That’s going to take a lot of work and doing so is heavily dependent on the immediate safety concerns. 

The other thing I want to do is get the house organized, and figure out a way to keep Lemme, one of our ferrets, from constantly escaping. She’s wicked smart and will test every setup for weaknesses she can exploit. 

Most of all, I want the boys to have a great summer. That’s what matters the most to me at the end of the day. 

I want to to do as many firsts as we can. Here are a few things I’d really like to do but don’t know how I’ll pull it off:

  1. Trips to the zoo, Cleveland, Akron and Columbus
  2. Take a train ride
  3. Get the boys to Cook Forest State Park, my favorite place in the world
  4. I want the boys to have friends come over
  5. Fishing
  6. Visit out of town family more frequently 
  7. New fence for our yard, so the kids can play outside

Some of these things are very possible, and others will have to be figured out. What I don’t want is to spend the summer, trapped in our house. 

Anyway, all of these thoughts came whirling through my brain tonight. Frankly, that’s probably the reason I’m having a harder time sleeping tonight. 

Anyone else losing sleep over the fact that their kids will be home all summer? What are you worried about? Do you have plans? 

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