#Autism Parenting Insight - When #SpecialNeeds families have to make difficult decisions  -

#Autism Parenting Insight – When #SpecialNeeds families have to make difficult decisions 

I wanted to update you on what we decided to do, in regards to our family cookout, and why. The reason it’s important to share this experience is because special needs families face these kinds of decisions all the time. Circumstances will vary, but the need to make a difficult decision, that will undoubtedly leave some people upset, is very common. 

I can’t stress enough, how often we live our lives minute to minute. When we’re dealing with various chronic health issues, things pop up all the time. 

My goal is to provide some insight into why we made the decision we did in this particular situation. 

After a long, sleepless night with Mr. Emmett, Lizze and I made our decision not to go. We decided to err on the side of caution, because both Emmett, Gavin, and now Elliott, are running fevers.  

Honestly, more often than not, it’s all or none when comes to us going anywhere, especially out of town. 

In an ideal situation, I might have been able to make the trip myself, and leave the boys with Lizze. Unfortunately, our situation isn’t ideal. Lizze can watch the boys long enough for me to go grocery shopping, or run a few errands. The reality is, taking on the boys for as long as it would take me to go to my Grandma’s and back, would be too much for her. 

While that may not make sense to some, I would imagine that people who live in extreme chronic pain would. It sucks. It’s far from ideal, but it is what it is. 

It would be tough enough for someone in her shoes to manage three nuerotypical kids, let alone three kids with Autism, ADHD, and a host of other challenging behaviors. 

Everyone understands in my family, and while they wish things were different, they know our options are limited. 

Our plan is to give the boys a few days to feel better, and then make a trip to see my Grandma later this coming week. By that time, we will know what’s going on with Emmett, and Gavin will have another IVIG infusion under his belt. 

Like I said, it’s less than ideal, but it’s the best of all the bad options. We have to make the best play we can, with the cards we’ve been dealt. 

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