We are facing a tough decision – What would you do? 

Later on this afternoon, we are supposed to travel to Y-Town. We are having a big family cookout for my Grandma’s birthday. We are all pretty excited about going, because it’s been awhile since we’ve been able to visit. 

Unfortunately, we aren’t sure whether or not we should go now. 

On Friday, Gavin puked while at his Grandma’s house. He says he’s fine now, but we have to go by his behavior, and not his words. He spent a large part of the day sleeping, and that’s a bit odd. He’s also running a mild fever as well.

He did have his IVIG infusion on Friday night, and perhaps it’s still his body reacting to that. The other possibility is that he’s actually fighting something off. 

Next we have Mr. Emmett. 

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Emmett appears to be entering a fever cycle, and that began Friday night. He’s got a big sore on the inside of his mouth, and he’s running his typical fever, on and off. It’s low grade, but it’s definitely there. He’s been in a really shitty mood, and struggling to eat anything other than ice cream, because his mouth hurts. 

This is most likely a flare, but if Gavin’s possibly fighting something off, than it’s possible Emmett is as well. There’s no way to know for sure. 

Then of course, we have Elliott. He’s been dealing with a bad headache all day. Advil makes it go away, and he seemed fine at bedtime. His doctor thinks the headaches are a sign of dehydration, because Elliott doesn’t drink enough water. That’s a whole other post for later.

The point is, Elliott has a headache. Is he getting sick or is it just dehydration? 

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All three of the boys have something going on at the moment. It may be nothing, or it maybe something.

My Grandmother is in her nineties, and we don’t want to expose her to anything. 

I’ve spoken with my parents a couple times today about this, and no one is sure what the right thing to do is. At this point, we’re going to see how they’re doing in the morning, and go from there. 

We’re probably going to end up playing it safe, because if any of the boys are actually sick, we don’t want that spreading to my Grandma. 

Maybe we’ll let this play out for a few days and make a special trip later this coming week.. 

What would you do?