A MAJOR change this week 

I’m getting ready to welcome week of change. This will mark the first full week of Lizze’s new class. 

She finished up her first of three consecutive intensive outpatient therapy (IOP) classes last week, and begins the second today. 

This will be a significant change in schedule because she only has class twice a week now, and only in the afternoon. 

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She really likes this particular class because it’s art based therapy, and that’s right up her alley. Lizze loves everything about art, making this type of therapy, a perfect fit for her. 

I’m so proud of her because I know this isn’t easy, but these classes have such a positive impact on her, and subsequently on the rest of us. No matter how difficult these classes get, she doesn’t quit. It should be said that a large number of people quit because of how tough these classes are. 

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I think this time around, will last about ten weeks. Her last class was eight weeks, and the final one is fifteen weeks. It really is a significant commitment. 

Anyway, it will be nice to have her home more often, as well as in the mornings on the days she has class. The boys should adjust pretty well, because it doesn’t directly impact their lives. 

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I’m looking for this to be a good week, because it’s beginning with positive change. 

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