How conflicting #sensory needs can lead to chaos -

How conflicting #sensory needs can lead to chaos

I’m overwhelmed by the kids today, not that it’s breaking news, but I’m pushing through my fitness goals for today anyway. 

It’s days like this that tend to really sorta break me. The stress alone barrels over my self-control like a run away freight train. This is historically, a major weakness on my part. 

Today however, I’m doing okay. 

I had my usual yogurt medley for breakfast, and I already completed my first session on the treadmill. I’m obviously getting some writing done, and I’ve caught up on some emails that I needed to get out. 

They boys are at each other’s throats because they are each triggering negative behaviors from the other. I don’t think it’s necessarily intentional, but it’s definitely a problem. 

I’ve mentioned before that the boys have significant and often conflicting sensory needs. Today’s a perfect example of that. 

Emmett is being too loud for Elliott’s comfort, but Elliott’s bouncing off the walls is driving Emmett crazy. We can rarely provide both boys with the needed sensory related stimulation, without it being contraindicated for the other. 

It’s exhausting and my only hope at this point is that everyone is willing to go to the indoor playground today, assuming they’re even open… 

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