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Today’s Victory: They tried new food tonight but did they like it

I picked the boys up from school this afternoon and both had a good day. I didn’t hear any complaints about anything and I’m happy with that. ☺ On the way home, we stopped at Little Ceasars to pick up stuff for their lunches tomorrow but when we arrived, they… Read more »

Political Opinion: Which side of history will you be on?

I’ve become much more political over the last year or so but I really try to keep politics confined to my Twitter feed and not here. I’m breaking that rule today because I truly believe that we as a country, are at a crossroads. I’ve been a registered Republican for… Read more »

Big news and why I’m feeling blessed

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There’s no denying that we are facing many challenges in the Gorski household. We’re facing some heartbreaking physical and emotional health issues as well. In the last post I shared about how Gavin was regressing and what we were seeing right now that truly broke our hearts. In this line… Read more »

That doesn’t make it any less heartbreaking

Unfortunately, I have some bad news to share. It’s in regards to Gavin and the progression of his cognitive decline. Sometimes it’s tough to discern when and where Gavin regresses. There are times when it’s painfully obvious that there’s been a change and other times it’s more subtle. This is… Read more »

He has to learn that actions have consequences

We’re having some problems with Elliott at school. It’s not so much a major problem yet but it is being problematic and what happened yesterday is a perfect example. I’m not going into detail on this because the specifics don’t matter and are way too tedious to recount anyway. Essentially,… Read more »

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