Ending the day with good news -

Ending the day with good news

I’m going to end the day on a positive note. Elliott is feeling better after a few days of being under the weather. With any luck, he’ll be returning to school in the morning.

In another piece of good news, Gavin’s IVIG infusion went well. He was able to complete the entire process on his own and as far as I know, there weren’t any leaks.

There are plenty of times where the IVIG Infusions are a disaster and he needs to be restuck a few times.

Any day that ends with Gavin having a good infusion, is a good day. I almost don’t care about anything else that happens because these infusions are such a big deal.

A bad infusion can set the tone for the day..

Gavin did a great job today and I’m really proud of him.

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