Mightier helps Reduce #Meltdowns in Kids with #Autism (REVIEW) **FREE TRIAL**

UPDATE: Since the original review in late August 2018, Emmett has continued to use Mightier, not as much as I’d like but he’s absolutely benefiting from it. In fact, we’re going to begin using the program with Gavin because he’s been having more frequent outbursts lately and he will benefit from this as well. I’ll let you know how it goes. 

Also, there has been some pricing changes. Mightier has dropped the price and added a FREE 30-day trial, so you can see for yourself how well this program works. Click here to skip to the new pricing information. PLEASE feel free to ask me any questions about our experience with this program. 🙂

There are times where I’m really excited to share a product with my readers because it has the potential to make a big difference in their lives.

This is one such time.

I’ve been approached by companies before, claiming they had the next big thing that will change the lives of Autism families. With few exceptions, they almost always fail to deliver.

For about the last month or so, I’ve been working with a program called Mightier by Neuromotion Labs. They reached out to me a while back and wanted to know if I would be interested in trying out their program that helps kids learn to manage their emotions. It’s not solely for kids with Autism either. According to Mightier, pretty much any child or adult can benefit from this program.


I went into this a skeptic because I wasn’t sure how a tablet app and heart rate monitor could help a child with Autism learn to better manage their emotional states.

Before I go any further, let me explain what Mightier is and how it works.

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  • Mightier is having a Cyber Monday sale in which visitors can get $25 off by using the code MIGHTYMONDAY (all caps).


  • Cindy Jones says:

    Maybe in time it will help Emmett with the stress of going to school. Interesting to see if his stomach issues and nightmares decrease.