We just can’t win

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This is a bit 24 hours late but I wanted to get this out there anyway.

It’s been the longest week ever. Emmett was in crisis and still sick. He’s doing a little better today. There are some medication adjustments that will begin today and hopefully, that will help him.

Elliott spent the entire night puking. I’m pretty he’s not actually sick but it’s rather a combination of extreme anxiety and sinus drainage.

It was a very long night but he finally fell asleep around 4 AM and woke up feeling a bit better this morning. He’s currently crashed on the couch and trying to rest. My goal for today is to keep him hydrated and make sure he stays resting.

I’m exhausted in ways I can’t even begin to describe but I need to keep moving. I’m really, really hoping that this isn’t an actual stomach bug because the last thing we need to that going around the house.

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