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Pre-testing at @AkronChildrens Hospital went better than expected

It’s been a really long and emotional day. I wanted to quickly let you know how testing went this morning at Akron Children’s Hospital. This was all in regards to the medically necessary procedures Gavin needs to have done on the 5th of June. We had been concerned about how… Read more »

We’ve arrived at @AkronChildrens Hospital for pre-testing

It’s not even 7AM and we’re sitting in the lobby of the surgery wing on the 4th floor of Akron Children’s Hospital. This is an appointment that we’re a bit nervous about because we aren’t sure how Gavin’s going to react. The whole point is to go over the details… Read more »

Gavin’s had an Upper GI at @AkronChildrens Hospital this morning

Gavin’s appointment went really well. I mean, we don’t know the results but Gavin physically did pretty good. He could follow directions and it took a little bit because they had to make more stuff for him to drink. I can’t say enough positive things about how nice everyone was…. Read more »

Wish us luck

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We’re getting ready to leave for Akron Children’s Hospital after a night of little sleep. Lizze and I have both been dealing with insomnia recently and it’s making life even harder than it already is. I’m not sure what’s causing our sleep disturbances but I bet you a shiny buffalo… Read more »

We have to be at @AkronChildrens Hospital this morning for more testing

One of the things I mentioned that had come to light during Gavin’s visit to the Gastroenterologist last month was that Gavin is having a hard time swallowing. Why we were only just hearing about that is just one of the many frustrating things about trying to manage Gavin’s health…. Read more »

@AkronChildrens Hospital called with a date for the procedure

I spoke last week about how Gavin is in need of an endoscopy and colonoscopy because of various potential health related problems in those areas. They needed to run labs to make sure that it would be safe for Gavin to have the procedures because Neutrophilia puts him at a… Read more »