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We have arrived at @AkronChildrens for Gavin’s surgery

We’ve made it and made it early, thrifty minutes early to be exact. We had anticipated construction but it didn’t occur to me that we would be driving through before the workers started for the day. Anyway, we’re here, checked in and waiting for a room. I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers that have …

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Please keep Gavin in your thoughts and prayers

Everything is a go and I’m off to bed cause we have to be up and moving around 4 AM. I’m not looking forward to that at all but I’m grateful it’s actually happening that early because Gavin won’t have to go without eating any longer than he has to. In theory, and barring any …

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Gavin’s scheduled for surgery tomorrow but did we get everything worked out?

I need to get you all caught up on Gavin’s status and whether or not his scheduled surgery is a go for tomorrow. I couldn’t really share anything until this afternoon because I didn’t get the final word until a few hours ago. There are three things that needed to be addressed before we could …

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Here’s how we figured out the legal problems after Gavin turned 18

I was finally able to connect with the person in the legal department at Akron Children’s Hospital today, that I needed to speak with. We had a somewhat lengthy conversation about Gavin and how we should proceed with the legal quandary of him turning 18 years old, being legally incompetent and us being unable to …

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Gavin’s surgery is now uncertain

Gavin’s supposed to have an endoscopy and a colonoscopy done at Akron Children’s Hospital next week. They consider this surgery and refer to it as such, so I’m doing the same. I received a phone call this morning from his Gastroenterologist. This is the doctor who ordered the non-urgent but medically necessary procedures. As a …

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My #1 take away from today

I’m going to sum things up for today pretty quickly because I’m really tired and hope to actually sleep tonight. My number one take away from today is pretty straightforward but also very positive. I spoke with legal at Akron Children’s Hospital and seem to think that gaining medical power of attorney will work. They …

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