Pre-testing at @AkronChildrens Hospital went better than expected -

Pre-testing at @AkronChildrens Hospital went better than expected

It’s been a really long and emotional day. I wanted to quickly let you know how testing went this morning at Akron Children’s Hospital. This was all in regards to the medically necessary procedures Gavin needs to have done on the 5th of June.

We had been concerned about how he would react to learning what was going to be taking place.

Gavin was never going to refuse anything but we were concerned that he would be freaked out after learning about what a colonoscopy and endoscopy are all about. There was never going to be a challenge gaining Gavin’s cooperation because that’s just how Gavin works. We were simply worried that he would panic and be freaked out for the next 5 days until he was scheduled for surgery.

The staff was great and details were very limited as most of what we went over was medical history.

Even if we had gone over things in great detail, Gavin was in his own little world the entire time. The only questions he was able to answer were what’s your last name and what’s your date of birth. He couldn’t answer anything else.

The entire time we were there, the only thing that Gavin grasped was that he would be getting an IV. That’s the only thing that freaked him out. He doesn’t care about anything else.

They promised to use a numbing patch before the IV and he’s allowed to bring a stuffed animal to comfort him.

We have a few changes we have to make to his meds in the days leading up to June 5th. He can’t take his vitamins until after the procedures are done, something about thinning his blood and we have to make sure he takes his cardiac meds before surgery. We have to hold off on anything that makes him sleepy because that could complicate things for the anesthesiologist.

Aside from that and the unpleasantness associated with prepping the day before, things should be okay.

The only real hiccup we ran into is that they don’t have record of his lab work from last week. I have to call in the morning and get that straightened out. I know they have it because they called us with the results last week. Surgery just doesn’t have the records, so I need to bridge the gap.

For now, we need to just keep Gavin from stressing out over the IV.

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