Sometimes I get really frustrated

Lizze and I ended up doing absolutely nothing but binge Netflix while the kids were gone. The trip with my Dad to retrieve some things for my grandma was postponed until next weekend.

I’m waiting on a deposit, and until then, things are incredibly tight. There was no option to go do anything, even if we had the money because Lizze wasn’t feeling well.

I did go walking and spend some time with my grandma, but that was about it.

Sometimes it gets frustrating because it would be so nice to have the ability to go do things that many other families get to do. There’s always something that prohibits or limits our ability to do these things. Usually, it’s money related, or someone isn’t feeling well.

There are times that I just have a desire to feel normal. I know normal is a bad word, but in this case, I feel it applies.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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All you can do is navigate your situation. Even watching Netflix together can be fun, plus you can watch stuff your kids hate.

You and Lizze could also watch movies that you both would like, or trade off. Especially movies the kids might not like or are not old enough to watch. Something special for you 2 that you don’t want to kids to be involved with. Maybe cook something that just you and Lizze would eat. Order one pizza? Special dessert? Even little things can be special.

I get the normal thing. And there are people who do normal. But even they have problems, we just don’t know because most people avoid the really bad stuff on social media.

Curtis G

I understand perfectly what you mean by the term normal. I and my wife are in the world of autism for the past 34 years of our son’s life. Of course even so called “normal” families have other problems, but ASD is a whole other type of existence with so many problems and no resolutions or ability within our power to repair those problems it brings to our loved ones.