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Why is Gavin struggling with his #IVIG infusions lately?

It was a rough morning in the sense that everyone was dragging. Emmett had a rough time falling asleep last night because he’s got a stuffy nose and while that’s unpleasant for anyone, it’s especially troubling for someone with sensory processing disorder. Lizze got lunches made and I got the boys to school before hitting …

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I have GOOD news and BAD news

I’m going to start with the good news first because I feel pretty good about the good news. ☺ We celebrated Gavin’s birthday today and I think he really enjoyed it. I picked the boys up from school and took them to pick out some things for Gavin that could be from them. We then …

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It’s terrifying when your child with #CVID can’t get his lifesaving medication

It’s not like receiving a donated liver or kidney, where his body could reject it. That said, Gavin’s body can struggle to accept the antibodies. He can run a high fever, have seizures, experience anaphylactic shock or an autonomic crises can be triggered.

It’s official, schools closed for 2 days and Gavin’s medication still hasn’t arrived

It’s official.. There is no school for the next two days due to insanely cold tempratures. Friday is a bit iffy at this point but we’ll know more as the week progresses. The boys are excited but also disappointed because they really enjoy school. With that out of the way, it’s also official that we …

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How is this even f*cking possible?

While I was driving the kids to school this morning, I received a phone call from Akron Children’s Hospital. It was the delivery coordinator for Gavin’s IVIG infusion supplies. I could tell by the frustration in his voice that I was going to need a few minutes. I spoke with him before walking the boys …

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Gavin’s #IVIG infusion supplies never showed up and that worries me

Without going into the backstory again, Gavin is on IVIG twice a week because of his severely compromised immune system. You can read that backstory here. We received a notice from his insurance that they were no longer working with his current, longtime supplier and would be switching to a new company. This is potentially …

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