I have GOOD news and BAD news

I have GOOD news and BAD news

I’m going to start with the good news first because I feel pretty good about the good news. ☺

We celebrated Gavin’s birthday today and I think he really enjoyed it. I picked the boys up from school and took them to pick out some things for Gavin that could be from them. We then picked up his cake and ordered Chinese food. It went pretty smooth and I’m grateful for that.

Gavin decided on the 1st Transformers movie and we all watched it with dinner. He’s really happy with everything and that feels good.

He spent all morning playing Kingdom Hearts III and he says it was worth the wait. ☺

Unfortunately, this couldn’t just be a good day. There’s always a counter weight that seems to keep things balanced somewhere between the good and the bad.

The bad news today is that Gavin’s IVIG infusion medications didn’t show up today. They won’t be here until Monday because they were late showing up to Akron Children’s. They’re scheduled for delivery on Monday morning. That means Gavin will miss a total of 2 infusions, assuming they arrive on Monday.

Gavin’s a bit stressed out about this but we just reassured him that everything will be okay and he has nothing to worry about. Until we have the meds in hand and his infusion underway, we’re all going to be on edge.

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So completely frustrating. Hope the weekend passes ok in the end.

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