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I could and even should be angry but that would only hurt me

This is a little frustrating. I wasn’t here when Gavin’s infusion supplies were delivered at the beginning of September. Normally, we check them right away and make sure we received everything. For whatever reason, that fell through the cracks this time. Gavin informed us that he was short three needle sets last night. He received …

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He lacks commonsense and that’s why this happened

Gavin had a very rough morning. He was struggling and that was even more apparent when it came to his IVIG infusion. I’m not sure where his head was at but we had problems. Maybe he was distracted, preoccupied with thinking about one of his games or perhaps he had a pending mission on his …

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It’s really stressful when my son’s medications don’t arrive on time

Gavin is officially out of his IVIG medication and he’s not been able to do his IVIG infusion today as a result. I’ve spoken with the home care pharmacy that’s responsible for delivering these life saving medications and they’re out for delivery today. That’s good to hear, it really is.. That being said, why do …

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We hit an unexpected snag in today’s plans

I feel like I slept pretty okay-ish last night. I went walking first thing this morning while Gavin was doing his IVIG infusion. We hit an unexpected snag in today’s plans. The idea was to walk and then take Gavin to get his bloodwork done.. Unfortunately, the lab was closed today. I guess I wouldn’t …

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It’s been a rough morning for Gavin but he totally surprised me

It’s been a rough morning for Gavin. I didn’t see too much of him until after I got home from taking the boys to school and getting my morning walk done on the way home. When I arrived home, Lizze was watching him get his IVIG infusion ready. I could see from the moment I …

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Gavin did an amazing job this morning

Gavin did a really good job this morning in regards to his IVIG infusion. He got up early and put it together, woke me up in order to check it and then completed the procedure without any help. For me personally, that’s a great way to start the week because so often he struggles with …

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