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Sensory issues kept my son home from school again

The boys were up early once again. Everything was fine until it was time to get dressed and ready for school. Correction.. Everything was fine until it came time for Emmett to put something on his feet.   Lizze and I worked for at least an hour to help Emmett tolerate something on his feet.  …

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Why #sensory issues kept my son home from school today

Emmett woke up this morning and was so sensory sensitive, he barely tolerated his pants and shirt.   He was able to wear his clothes for the most part but when it came to shoes and socks, there simply wasn’t any wiggle room.  Emmett loves school and doesn’t want to stay home but at the …

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Zero to Meltdown

I talked this morning about how awesome it was that the boys got themselves dressed and ready for school before we even woke up. That’s all very true and something I’m quite proud of them for.  Unfortunately, that’s where the good news ends and the meltdowns begin.  Emmett was fine until it became time to …

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One of my kids almost didn’t make it to school this morning 

“One of the boys had such a rough morning, they almost didn’t go to school at all today.”

The heartbreaking reason that kept us from trick or treating 

The plan was for the boys to be dropped off at my parents house on Sunday afternoon and we would take them trick or treating in my old stomping grounds

We were defeated by sensory issues this morning 

Have you found yourself defeated by sensory issues? We fought with them this morning and didn’t end up winning. Here’s our story and I’d love to hear yours.

Witness how sensory processing disorder impacts my son with #Autism (video) 

Witness how sensory processing disorder impacts my son with #Autism (video)

It’s been a nightmare this morning 

The shit we do for our kids with #Autism