We barely made it through our little sensory crisis this morning but we did :) 

Lizze managed to get Emmett to at least wear his crocks to school today. That was no easy task because she worked through screaming and kicking, never giving up on him or losing her patience.  Eventually, she was able to work him through this little sensory crisis and we made our way to school.   We did pack his socks in his backpack just in case he decided he needed them.   At this point, it's whatever works.. ☺ 


It’s a major sensory morning in this #Autism house

I've put myself in time out for a few minutes. I'm going on four hours of sleep and Emmett is a sensory nightmare this morning.  He's really struggling and at this point, we can't help him to wear his socks.   The last resort is sending him barefoot in his crocks but that's what we had to do on Friday and we'll do it again today.   Right now I'm having Emmett stand in a big box of rice, hoping to wake his feet up, as his occupational therapist would say.  I'm not sure it's going to help much but it's something to occupy him while I take a breather.   It's important to recognize my limits and make sure I don't lose my cool. Putting myself in time out,…


Never doubt the seriousness or incapacitating nature of sensory processing disorder 

We've had two meltdown moments today.  The first one was from this morning and it was massive. The second one was a after school, while at the store and it was not quite as bad. This morning's meltdown was over shoes and socks.  Part of the issue was that Emmett was up since about 3am and was exhausted. This tends to exacerbate the symptoms butake no mistake, this is something we have to contend with, every single day. Unfortunately, this morning, he just couldn't tolerate shoes or socks and it took forever to help him work through it.  I promised him that if he at least tried, we would get donuts on the way to school tomorrow. That didn't really help a whole lot but it was something for him…


Massive meltdown over shoes and socks

Here's what happened this morning in regards to Emmett's shoes and socks.  For simplicity, I'm going to refer to it as World War III because that's what it felt like.   Emmett went from excited about going to school to massively melting down over shoes and socks.   I had him in a pair of socks and sandals for a little while and then all of a sudden, he freaked out because they started to feel funny.  The meltdown lasted over 30 minutes and was sprinkled with I won't go to school and I'm so sorry my feet feel funny.  It's as heartbreaking as it is frustrating.  Once we had reached the 15 minutes late mark, we had no choice but to carry him to the car with a few…


I just realized something today and it scared the shit out of me

With school starting back up in 23 days, I just realized that we are going to have a pretty big problem. Since June 8th of this year, Emmett hasn't worn socks and has absolutely no tolerance for them. Every pair of socks I've bought for him, no longer feel okay and now I can't find anything that he'll wear. I have no idea what we're going to do because he has to wear socks while in school. All he wears now are flip flops and he's begging to be home schooled so he won't have to wear socks. Socks won't be the only issue because he hasn't worn shoes in just as long either. Unfortunately, we have even less time than normal because school starts almost three weeks sooner this…