Do you know how much fun shoe shopping is for two kids with #Autism?

Do you know how much fun shoe shopping is for two kids with #Autism?

Ha.. That’s a trick question because it’s a fricking nightmare.

After we left the cookout, I took Elliott shoe shopping. Emmett decided that he wanted to try shoes again as well. I wasn’t really in a position to do both right now but with Emmett, I can’t not take advantage of his willingness to try shoes again. That opportunity almost never comes around. In fact, it’s been about two years since the last time he was willing to try.

Elliott actually isn’t too, too bad. He’s more indecisive when it comes to shopping. It’s not usually that big of a deal but it depends on his mood and how stressed out or overstimulated he is at the moment.

Emmett on the other hand is never easy. His tolerance for anything touching his feet is almost nonexistent. He hasn’t worn shoes or socks in almost two years now.

Crocs have been our saving grace but those will only take him so far and it’s really important to get him in shoes if it’s possible.

We hit the Sketches outlet because I wanted to get him slip-ons as those are the most likely to be successful. We must have tried at least a dozen different shoes in countless sizes. Emmett is less concerned with size and more concerned about how they actually feel.

Nothing felt right because he’s not used to shoes and anything he puts on is going to feel funny.

It took a tremendous amount of patience and I feel completely depleted but, he found a pair he liked. I also got everyone socks because there was an amazing deal.

I’m cautiously optimistic but we’ve been here dozens of times before. He likes his shoes for a day or so and then will no longer tolerate them. I have hundreds of dollars in shoes that have almost never been worn. I end up donating them and that’s a positive thing but I can’t afford to buy shoes that end up not being worn.

It’s incrediblely frustrating but it’s also not his fault.

He wore his shoes and socks around the house until it was bedtime. Right now he’s really excited but we’ll see how he does as time goes on. It would be totally amazing if this time was different. This would be a major obstacle that he’d finally overcome if this proves to work.

Here’s hoping… ☺

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Becky Wiren

Poor kid.

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