This problem will add a new level of complexity to an already challenging situation 

This will impact us in a few ways, all of which I have workarounds for.

The obvious is that we won’t have hot water. That makes washing dishes and children very difficult. We have a gas stove, so that will be rendered useless and make cooking for three kids with more than few food proclivities, a bit more of a challenge.

I’m working on a remedy to this particular problem but it’s going to take some time.

Rather than stress out over something I have no control over right now, I’m going to take this on as a challenge and find ways around as many of these obstacles as I can until I’m able to more permanently address this.

Before you ask:

  1. I’m out of medical certificates until September.
  2. HEAP isn’t doing anything about Gas just yet.
  3. PIPP is an option but due to choices made by someone else when they left last year, getting recertified isn’t possible at the moment.
  4. Yes, I’ve exhausted all other options and there is simply no other course of action, aside for making a very large payment.

I’m grateful that it’s the middle of summer and not the dead of winter. I’m grateful that most of these challenges have a relatively manageable work around.

Some things will be more difficult than others but at the end of the it could be worse. I’ve prepared the boys, so they are aware of the hot water and stove not working and won’t be freaked out to much by the change.

This will add a new level of complexity to my already barely manageable life but I will just have to rise to the occasion and be a bit creative.

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That’s pretty messed up. I have my kids full time and will never get any type of support. While it sucks, in my particular situation, I’d rather it be this way. It’s becoming really complicated and that type of help isn’t even on my list of realistic battles to fight.
I wish you the best of luck. U0001f600


The thing that sucks the most for me is that it’s all a child support issue. It’s taken mesince February to get a court date to face their father in court. We had an agreement that he’s never stuck to, and he makes enough to. I’m not trying to be the life sucking b-word that people like to accuse ex-wives of being. The situations when special needs kids are involved are just that… Special.


I totally get it. I’m really glad you got it worked out.


I feel ya. I just got my electric turned back on after it was out for an entire month. Maryland has an energy assistance program.. And NO ONE will help you till you get your case processed through them first. I was lucky and they covered the entire amount, after taking 31 days to effing process.. But, it was just turned back on yesterday. Life is much easier with a TV.. And working stove.. And fridge.. And lights.. And air conditioning.. Lol


Shocking what these poor babies suffer…


LIHEAP wont help thats the federal program and thats once per year, but the agency you go to apply at might be able to give you some resources to contact or can contact on yor behalf. In our state, churches and organizations can and do help. Try giving them a call tomorrow.It might not pay your total bill but your power company may take that amount to get it back on and add the balance to future bills until it is paid off. (ye I worked at a place called Operation Threshold  many moons ago and they distrubuted LiHeap funds) 
I have no clue what PIPP is, but if it is due too someone elses mistake, it might not hurt to try.
I wish I could offer some help Rob…..

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