This problem will add a new level of complexity to an already challenging situation 

I mentioned before that there were going to be some challenges coming my way in the near future. Well, one of those challenges showed up this morning. 

I debated about whether or not I should share this because some people will take this the wrong way. In the end however, I decided that I have no control over what other people think and if my goal is to help people, honesty is the best policy.. 

The reason I share these more personal things, in such an honest and transparent way, is because it’s the only means with which to provide a true window into my life as a single parent of three kids with Autism. It also helps people in a similar situation to know that they aren’t alone in their daily struggles. 

With that in mind, I want to briefly talk about this new challenge as it will have an impact on the lives of myself and the boys..

Our natural gas has been disconnected as of yesterday. I knew this was coming and did everything I could to resolve the issue but in the end, it comes down to money, money I just don’t have. 

This will impact us in a few ways, all of which I have workarounds for. 

The obvious is that we won’t have hot water. That makes washing dishes and children very difficult. We have a gas stove, so that will be rendered useless and make cooking for three kids with more than few food proclivities, a bit more of a challenge. 

I’m working on a remedy to this particular problem but it’s going to take some time. 

Rather than stress out over something I have no control over right now, I’m going to take this on as a challenge and find ways around as many of these obstacles as I can until I’m able to more permanently address this. 

Before you ask:

  1. I’m out of medical certificates until September.
  2. HEAP isn’t doing anything about Gas just yet. 
  3. PIPP is an option but due to choices made by someone else when they left last year, getting recertified isn’t possible at the moment. 
  4. Yes, I’ve exhausted all other options and there is simply no other course of action, aside for making a very large payment.

I’m grateful that it’s the middle of summer and not the dead of winter. I’m grateful that most of these challenges have a relatively manageable work around. 

Some things will be more difficult than others but at the end of the it could be worse. I’ve prepared the boys, so they are aware of the hot water and stove not working and won’t be freaked out to much by the change. 

This will add a new level of complexity to my already barely manageable life but I will just have to rise to the occasion and be a bit creative. 

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