This problem will add a new level of complexity to an already challenging situation 

I mentioned before that there were going to be some challenges coming my way in the near future. Well, one of those challenges showed up this morning.

I debated about whether or not I should share this because some people will take this the wrong way. In the end however, I decided that I have no control over what other people think and if my goal is to help people, honesty is the best policy..

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The reason I share these more personal things, in such an honest and transparent way, is because it’s the only means with which to provide a true window into my life as a single parent of three kids with Autism. It also helps people in a similar situation to know that they aren’t alone in their daily struggles.

With that in mind, I want to briefly talk about this new challenge as it will have an impact on the lives of myself and the boys..

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Our natural gas has been disconnected as of yesterday. I knew this was coming and did everything I could to resolve the issue but in the end, it comes down to money, money I just don’t have.

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