Emmett kicked butt in physical therapy today

One of the downsides to Akron Children’s Hospital taking over where Emmett’s physical therapy is being done, is that they have banned parents from taking videos of their kids in action. 

They have signs up everywhere that say no videotaping allowed. 

From now on, you’ll have to just trust me when I say that Emmett kicked major butt at therapy today. 

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Can he do everything he needs to be able to do? Absolutely not.. That being said, he gives 110% each and every time. 

He did really well today. He had to do a few things he’s never done before and he struggled at first. I sorta pulled him aside and told him to pay attention to the pattern because he functions largely on patterns..

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That did it for him and he just kicked butt. I’m really proud of him.. 😀👍


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