If you feel like quitting, read this before you do

When things get tough emotionally and/or physically, it’s easy to want to give up but it’s so important that you don’t.

Today I turn 37 years old and will be doing so without my wife being by my side for the first time in almost 15 years. That’s a bitter pill to swallow, at least for me it is. 

Yesterday we celebrated the August birthdays in my with a cookout at my parents house.

Truthfully, I didn’t really want to go because I knew I wouldn’t be in the mood to be around people but the kids weren’t going to pay a price for my mood so we went. 

It was a rough start and I avoided contact with everyone I could. 

Eventually though, things got a little easier for me and it turned out to be a pretty good day. 😀

The key to this turn of events and shift in demeanor was simply giving myself the time I needed to sorta process the day without being overwhelmed by happy, well meaning people. 

It’s so important to give yourself time. It’s not always possible but when it is, you should allow yourself time to adjust, adapt and feel whatever it is you need to feel. Frankly, it doesn’t matter what others think, you know yourself best.

I’m not a quitter. I am a man blessed with three amazing and complicated children. I’m a man who’s overwhelmed by life and raising my kids on my own, while trying to pick myself up after the unexpected end of my almost 12 year marriage. 

It’s not easy. It’s not pretty. It’s not perfect but it is possible and it is important that I never give up. 

Please remember that quitting robs you of the chance to succeed. If your stuggling like me, even for different reasons, don’t give up. I didn’t and ended up making some positive memories yesterday.. 😀

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  • EllenBeck

    I am glad you went to your folks house to celibrate. It showed you, you can have a special day . 
    You are so lucky…. you have your folks and you sound to have had a nice time. Dont let the past  define you, control you  or limit your joy.
    Today is your birthday, find a reason to smile. This is your day, your time, look around and celebrate the fact you are alive and are blessed.

  • Marisa Koski

    Happy Birthday!

  • Mark Armstrong

    Happy birthday new to face book the parental creed gave me a pick me up cheers

  • Tina Banks

    Happy birthday Rob, hoping you get a quiet ish day sending hugs and prayers from northern Ireland xx

  • Beth n

    Rob I’m glad the day turned out well for you. New things are on the horizon. Believe me forty only get better who would of thought. Have a great week celebrate the wonderful, loving,caring super we know you are!!!!

  • Kelly Clark

    Happy Birthday!

  • Nita Pie Rodriguez

    Happy birthday! God bless 😉

  • Stephanie Johnson

    Happy Birthday!

  • Kristina Louise Socha

    {{{{HUGS}}}} and hang in there!

  • heatherruark

    Happy Birthday Rob!

  • The Autism Dad

    Thanks everyone ❤️

  • Mari-Carroll Huffman Wolfe

    Happy belated birthday U0001f382

  • RamsAutiMom

    AutismParentMag Lost_and_Tired There’s no such thing as quitting on our kids. Put one foot in front of the other and keep your head high!