Here's what happened at the pediatrician yesterday  -

Here’s what happened at the pediatrician yesterday 

I had to get Gavin into the pediatrician yesterday afternoon because of his bladder problems. 

First of all, it needs to be understood that Gavin’s ability to tell me things like how he’s feeling, pain levels, how often he goes potty or anything about potty issues for that matter, is significantly hindered by cognitive/developmental issues. 

Having said that, he’s been having bladder issues since he restarted the Clozapine last year. 

My understanding was that he had very frequent and sudden urges to pee. That’s what I’ve witnessed and he’s been able to explain. 

Yesterday he informed me that most of the time when he tries to pee, nothing comes out. 

That new information may or may not be reliable because it comes from Gavin and he just really struggles with accurately relaying this type of information. 

It turns out that once again, there is not infection, so we can cross that off the list but it still leaves us with nothing. 

At this point, the only thing we can do is try to rule out constipation as a cause. Constipation is pretty common in kids like Gavin, especially when they are on psych meds.  

We’re going to work on that over the next few days and see if it makes a difference. 

I’m not sure that it will make a difference but it will one more thing to check off the list.  

Gavin did really well at the appointment though and he had to talk about embarrassing things. Great job Gvin.   ❤️❤️❤️


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