The boys are showing traits of borderline personality disorder -

The boys are showing traits of borderline personality disorder

I haven’t shared this yet and frankly, I’m not really sure why. 

Something that Dr. Pattie is concerned about with Elliott and Emmett is that they are showing a lot of borderline symptoms. 

That’s not a diagnosis by any means but it is very concerning.  

We aren’t sure what is genetic vs what’s learned behavior. What we know for sure is that they are very much walking a path that needs intervention. 

Again, this isn’t a diagnosis at all. It’s a concern based on long term observation and interaction by someone who knows way more about this than I. 

Kids are tough. Traumatized kids with special needs are even tougher because the symptoms of many things often overlap, especially when trauma is involved and there’s no clear cut way to know exactly what you’re dealing with. This makes it hard to know what to do in order to help. 

I’m not sure how much I truly understand but I understand enough to know that I share the same concerns. 

This has to do with the way the boys perceive the world and this is beyond an Autism thing.  

On the positive side, they are very young and have a very large support system that is doing everything possible to help them. 

My hope is that what we are seeing is just fallout from all the changes in their lives and they just need to time and guidance. 

Either way, they will get whatever they need to help them through this and if it does turn out to be borderline, we’ll deal with it and I will do all I can to provide them with whatever help they may need. ❤️

This is just one of the many things weighing on me lately.  

I want the best for my kids and I want them to have a bright future. It’s tough run into things along the way that may present problems for them. 

Running away from a problem is not how I handle things. 

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