I finally made a very difficult decision in regards to my son with #Autism

When you are raising a child with , there are so many things you must do and even more decisions that must made. Many of these decisions are far from easy and end up not actually having a right or wrong answer. 

One of the biggest battles in regards to raising children with Autism, is easily their education.

Trying to navigate the convoluted educational system is not for the faint of heart. All too often, it’s ill equipped to deal with kids on the and parents must literally fight for every last thing their child needs.

I’ve had to make many decisions over the years in regards to my kids education. 

Of all those decisions, none have been as difficult as the one I’ve had to make in regards to

As of September 22, 2015 – Gavin is officially withdrawn from as a result of his , both physical and emotional. It wasn’t an easy decision but one that is absolutely in Gavin’s best interest.

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