A 10 year journey comes to a heartbreaking conclusion today

Let me just say that I hate Mondays and nothing that has happened so far today, is going to change that. 

The boys made it to school this morning will only a few hangups but nothing major. 


I rescheduled Maggie’s appointment for Wednesday and made it to Dr. Reynolds office on time and with Gavin in tow. 

This is where the good news ends. 

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After a hard fought, 10 year journey to discover the cause of Gavin’s continued regression,  he’s finally and officially been diagnosed with Childhood Disintegrative Disorder

I’ll explain the details later but for right now,  there’s a huge cloud hanging overhead. 

This has been on the table for awhile but no one was comfortable pulling the trigger on this until now.  CDD is extremely rare but Gavin without question meets the criteria and everything else has already been ruled out at least once. 

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Right now I’m sorta processing everything and will write more as I can.  😦