This is what we learned at The Cole Eye Institute today

This is what we learned at The Cole Eye Institute today

It’s been an exhausting day full of walking, waiting and driving. Gavin’s final appointment of the day was at The Cole Eye Institute this afternoon. The appointment went well but it took forever.

I honestly felt like we had been forgotten.

The good news is that Gavin’s eye checked out and they are basically perfect. The bad news is that we still don’t know for sure why he’s having visual blackouts.

The current theory is that these blackouts are caused by migraines. Everything else has been looked at and aside from the pending EEG results, we’ve eliminated every other possibility. Until we find anything else, we’re going with migraines for now.

Appointments like these are maddening because all we want are answers and all we end up getting are more questions or uncertainties.

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