Not the best way to start the day but maybe I’ll laugh about it someday

I woke up on time today and let the boys sleep while I got everything read for them to begin their day. 

I walked downstairs to find that one of the cats had vomited all over my laptop. 

It leaked into the vents and some of the ports. 

I wasn’t thrilled to see this but someday I will look back on this and laugh.


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  • Dee Brake

    At least it was closed. = Bright side…

  • The Autism Dad

    It leaked in between everything is fine.

  • Randall Ric

    it could be worst, the screen could have been opened and the through up could be in the keyboard.

  • Darcy Dallin

    What were the cats tryin to tell you!? 🙂 I guess you’ll have to put the laptop up next time!