This is a HUGE week for Gavin and I’m really excited

While the last post talked about one aspect to Wednesday, October 14th. There is something else happening that day as well.

This something is hugely positive and I’m so excited to know this will finally be happening. 


Last week I received a phone call from Akron Children’s Hospital about Gavin. 

As you may or may not know, Gavin’s been on the waiting list for Speech,  Occupational and Physical therapy for quite some time. 

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On Wednesday morning, Gavin will have his speech evaluation at the Akron Children’s Hospital Main Campus.

This evaluation is necessary in order to get him back into therapy again.

After the evaluation, he will receive therapy at the new Akron Children’s therapy location in Canton.  It’s the same place Emmett has physical therapy every Tuesday. 

I’m excited and so is Gavin. 

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He’s been in a good place emotionally and I’m hoping this will help him to benefit from this desperately need therapy. 

I really am pretty darn stoked about this..  ☺

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