Artwork by my son with #Autism

I wanted to share this picture that did yesterday.  He did this freehand and didn’t trace anything. 

What makes his art so amazing is that he has major tremors in his hands and drawing a straight line isn’t the easiest thing. 

He never gives up on something he’s trying to draw… ☺


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  • EllenBeck

    It  looks quite good. Most people wh have tremors do learn how to adapt to them, and they tend to ‘come and go’  depending on the hour of the day, whats happening, when meds are etc. Even when tremors are nearly  constant you have times you can manage a line (it wont be straight mind you but it wont be a total mess)

    I speak from experience on this one as I have tremors too. 

    Tell his drawings look good and keep encouraging him to draw. If he can do it, even tracing, he is doing well.