Trying to get my kids with #Autism to do homework is going to kill me

This whole thing is killing me.  Emmett seems to have stopped receiving it all together, which is good but gets what I consider to be a pretty heavy load. 

Elliott doesn’t typically do well being pushed, after arriving home from .

When Elliott is at school, he does all he can to sorta hold everything together.  The entire day his is building and even with his meds on board, he has to work really hard to remain focused.


Upon arriving home from school and sometime even before we arrive home, he falls apart. 

Trying to get him to pull it back together and in order to do more school work at home, just isn’t fair. 

Aside from being unfair, it’s also unrealistic in most cases. 

This week, Elliott seems to have misplaced his homework because I didn’t see it in his take home folder and he doesn’t remember seeing it. 

We have to double check when we get home from but if he can’t find it, that will put him 2 days behind and that means more stress, pressure and anxiety for both of us. 

I understand the idea of homework and in most cases it’s a positive thing.  When you’re dealing with , ADHD and Anxiety, homework translates into big nightmares for both kids and parents. 

Before anyone jumps down my throat, I’ll add that every kid is different and while some with Autism may do well with homework, many more don’t.

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  • Kirsty Bourbon

    Homework is ridiculous now, Barry is in kindergarten he had 30 pages of last week! You can try working with the to reduce the home he has, find out from his teacher what areas he is struggling with and then only have him do that homework. Theres a really good book worth reading and info here: I know I’ll be having a chat with Barrys teacher if they send home that amount of homework again!

  • Darcyd

    Yes, I’m about to give up on to. Will I be a bad mommy if I do? 🙂 It’s not worth the stress, fighting, , etc, etc.

  • I don’t think so.. It’s way too much stress for me and the boys…. I’m right there with ya.

  • Valcross

    Rob, what mods does he have? That stress is not good for any of you. I remember doing with my son from 4pm-10 pm frantically, just to “get it done”. Was so 
    stupid and useless. Sending hugs.

  • RaynetteJones

    Same for this poor child as when was having such a horrific time with homework, My answer to homework is NONE. PERIOD. PUT IT IN THE IEP. DONE!!!!  Do it soon everyone please. Homework is so ___________! I have two NT kids (grown now) but when my youngest first got sick, that was the first thing I stopped was homework. it was so stressful for everyone. Probably most anyone that reads this blog has a kid with something going on and it is as simple as an IEP adjustment – no homework. the cant say no. We know they kids are doing everything they can to either hold it together or just get thru the day, more homework is ______________. Just my opinion