Emmett refused to go to school again and it’s breaking my heart

I’m really exhausted after this morning.

Emmett didn’t want to go to school once again.  He had a tummy ache and after some struggle, he did say that he used to be really good in math but now he’s not because he doesn’t like the number line. 


I got him to go under the premise that we would talk to the principal and his teacher.  If he still didn’t feel well after that, I would just bring him home. 

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We did just that and he did go off to breakfast. 

I promised that I would call at 9:30am and check on him. If he wasn’t feeling well, I would come get him. 

When I called, he was doing okay and had a smile on his face.  His teacher sent me a message to tell me the same thing. 

Hopefully he’s feeling better… 

I spoke privately with his teacher and we both agree that there is likely more going on than just him not liking Math. 

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Something has to give…..