Emmett refused to go to school again and it’s breaking my heart

I’m really exhausted after this morning.

Emmett didn’t want to go to once again.  He had a tummy ache and after some struggle, he did say that he used to be really good in math but now he’s not because he doesn’t like the number line. 


I got him to go under the premise that we would talk to the principal and his teacher.  If he still didn’t feel well after that, I would just bring him home. 

We did just that and he did go off to breakfast. 

I promised that I would call at 9:30am and check on him. If he wasn’t feeling well, I would come get him. 

When I called, he was doing okay and had a smile on his face.  His teacher sent me a message to tell me the same thing. 

Hopefully he’s feeling better… 

I spoke privately with his teacher and we both agree that there is likely more going on than just him not liking Math. 

Something has to give…..

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  • DebbieHawsmanTomor

    Hi Rob, Something I learned from when Marc was little….( I had left for a while when he was 6) When I came back he didn’t want to leave my side. He was afraid that I was going to leave again! I’m thinking maybe Emmett is afraid your going to leave now and you wont be there when he gets home from like his mother did!! Doc even mentioned this to us also back in the day. Good luck We are always thinking of you all.

  • Deb. . I’m sending you a private message on Facebook

  • KimGebhardt

    What does Dr. Pattie say about Emmett’s refusal to go to school?  It seems at some point you started coddling him regarding instead of letting him know that school is an expectation and the choice is not up to him.  I understand letting him know that you’ll come get him if he is truly sick, but going in and  talking to the principal and teacher and then calling him at 9:30 starts to get a bit extreme.
    Does he have friends at school?  Does he have friends at home?  You never mention play dates or getting together with other kids.  Is he being picked on or bullied at school? Does he like his teacher?