How to bridge the gap between school and home for our kids with #Autism -

How to bridge the gap between school and home for our kids with #Autism

Last night I had what I think is a brilliant idea. ☺

I adore my kids school and the teachers and staff are absolutely amazing.  I can’t say enough positive things about them. 


The one issue that I have is that while the teachers and staff work with Autistic kids every single day, their experience quite often ends at the front door to the school. 

Most of these teachers have no idea how what happens at school, impacts a child’s home life. 

It’s also a struggle to effectively convey

that there is very often a stark contrast between what they see in the classroom and what we as parents, see at home. 

Things as simple as homework. 

Homework is the bane of my existence and while I’ve dealt with it to some extent, it still bothers me that I have to repeatedly have this same conversation about the nightmare that is take home work from school. 

The teachers mean well and are simply trying to do right by our kids.

That said, this is a prime example of the gap between teaching and parenting these challenging kids. 

Here’s my idea and I’ve actually already spoken with the principal about this. 

I think that we should have regular meetings between teachers and parents.  Teachers need to hear and understand how pushing homework can so negatively impact our kids. 

At the same time, we as parents need to understand better where the teachers are coming from.

I’ve been asked to speak to grad students at local universities before to help them better understand from a parents perspective,  what it’s like to raise a child with Autism

It’s never a bad idea to improve upon the communication between parents and teachers.

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