Sensory processing disorder is very real and our kids are not just being difficult

Sensory processing issues have a far reach when it comes to impacting the lives of our kids on the Autism Spectrum. 

Frankly, sensory issues impact the entire family and can slowly erode away the patience and sanity of even the most patient and sane parents.


I wrote earlier that Emmett wasn’t fighting to stay home today from school and that’s true.

Unfortunately, shortly after writing that and adding it to the win column, all Hell broke loose. 

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What ensued was a 45 minute attempt to help him tolerate his shoes and socks.  It was exhausting and frustrating for us both and I wish there was a way to better address these sensory issues. 

Anyone that says, just force him to wear the shoes and socks because he’s just being difficult, has absolutely no idea what sensory issues are and how impactful they can be on one’s life. 

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It’s truly awful..

While at Occupational Therapy with Emmett yesterday, I met a really nice Mom who overheard my conversation about this topic with the OT. 

She struck up a conversation about how she totally gets it because her little one is the same way.

We traded war stories for awhile before having to get back to our respective little ones but it was really nice to speak to someone who actually gets it. 

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These kids are not just being difficult.  They are not trying to ruin our day or get away with something. 

Sensory processing disorder is very real and physically alters the way a child perceives input from his or her senses..

These processing issues impact a child’s ability to eat, wear clothes, exist in certain environments and even function on many levels.

Anyway, it ended up being a really challenging morning for both Emmett and myself.